About Us


cp_dis_truckMorris National is organized to support efficient import and distribution operations. The company maintains a network of experienced customs brokers in all major port cities in North America to ensure rapid and smooth delivery of product to its distribution facilities.


Morris operates its own fleet of delivery trucks including 45 foot tractor trailers for inventory transfers between the Montreal and Toronto warehouses. The company supplements its own delivery system with common carrier for destinations in excess of 250 miles from the Montreal or Toronto distribution centers.

United States

All deliveries are made by common carrier California distribution center.


All deliveries are made by carrier from warehouse facilities located in Melbourne. The Australian operation is EDI capable, and has the ability to exchange sales orders, invoices, and shipping data with major customer partners.

Both the United States and Canadian operations are VICS EDI capable, and currently exchange sales order, invoice, and shipping data with major customer partners. Furthermore Morris National has established direct retail links to track sales and inventory data at store levels allowing for efficient inventory control, especially during the high volume seasonal periods.